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Divine Healing Exists

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Divine Healing Exists

One woman shares her experience

Bound to a wheelchair in 2011, Stella de Mont was very sick. However, she always channeled a lot of energy through her body and facilitated remarkable healing in family and friends. But it was her own experience that moved her life in the direction of becoming an intuitive healer. “When things are extremely dire, you just do what the doctor’s say. I think I had about 16 doctors in the course of three years and I wasn’t getting better. There was a certain point where I felt like if I had one more intrusive treatment I was going to have a nervous breakdown. For the first time, my body said “No”, and I heard it, and I listened. 

In conversation with Weekender, Stella de Mont, a facilitator of divine healing – having sacred recognition of our fully embodied magic and knowing, shared how we can explore the body as a trustable source of wisdom and awakening. 

W. How did you discover this medium through your own illness?

Stella: A lot of western thought is geared towards eradicating the symptom rather than looking at the root cause. Which of course is looking at a sustainable, holistic version of you. My doctors were talking about killing these pathogens, yet I was curious about what they were actually doing there. I wanted to understand them as opposed to kill them. This is how my body began to change. I decided that I was going to just listen to my body for a while. And I found that it was actually speaking if I got quiet enough to hear it, and it was very subtle, it was saying “yes” or “no” all the time, I was just so used to overriding this language of the body. It was contradictory and went against what everyone thought I should do, and yet I began to heal. I got more energy and life force by listening, even though it didn’t make sense. This was the beginning, and from there, things started to line up. Everything I needed began to show up. 

W. What was one of the defining moments of your career?

Stella: At the time when I was traveling the world and working with many different healers. Still, in a wheelchair, one of my teacher’s said to me “What if this is as good as it gets?”. My reaction was “How dare you, isn’t this about being well?” I hated this question and was so angry - yet I couldn’t dismiss it was a doorway. My “aha” moment came while I was in Brazil, meditating nine hours a day. I really wanted to turn over every rock to find anything I couldn’t see. This question kept plaguing me –? One day I was lying on my stomach outside in the sun, and I let that question become true for me. There I was, lying on the earth, unable to walk, and I began to get curious and allow in that question. And the moment that I did, I saw this tiny praying mantis (it’s actually my business card today). And he was there in front of my face, making decisions, fully alive, and praying mantises are pretty amazing anyways. I sort of just let him into my complete being. This little sentient creature absolutely moved me. What I felt was a kind of awe. And I noticed that I had a lot more energy with being in a place of pure presence. I thought, “gosh, what else am I missing in my striving to “get better” all day every day?”. I noticed that these tiny interactions with life were feeding my soul, and each time I opened to them I would feel more vital life force. The more I did this, the less defensiveness I had, and a softening into where I was beginning to allow overtime deep healing. 

W. What does it mean to be in ‘alignment’?

Stella: To be in alignment is to lead from your essence. When someone is in alignment, their sustainable body of energy works synergistically with the choices that they make. Meaning that their intuition, their gifts, their knowing, their relationships, are all in support of their unique purpose. 

W. What happens when a person’s body is aligned?

Stella: In my experience and from everything I’ve seen in my work, people’s lives open up to a whole new level. They begin to attract really juicy, uniquely wonderful things. Their careers go to a whole new level; they travel daring paths and accomplish heights that they perhaps wouldn't have, before. All because they are using their intuition, and really see it as the most practical way to go, because it is divine. 

W. How would a person sense if that isn’t the case?

Stella: When someone is out of alignment, typically the most predominant symptom is anxiety. It can be low-grade, like just a feeling of ‘something is wrong/something is off’, to full-blown panic attacks. In my background, they would call it”disorganized energy”. We get so afraid of these feelings, but really this is nature’s way of giving us a very practical and important indicator of having gone out of alignment and needing to find our way back to our essence, back to choices that are in support of our spirit. 

W. How do your sessions usually go?

Stella: I genuinely believe that everyone has unique gifts and talents and I’m so fascinated by the person sitting in front of me. The simplest things change people’s lives. For example, I work with powerful businessmen, and these seemingly simple things have to lead to huge shifts, creating new businesses that they’re much more passionate about and in alignment with, so they’re making more money because more energy is flowing. It really is all about feeling our innate capacity and how powerful we actually are. In these retreats, people are awakening into their own guidance. I want someone to feel like they’re having this very personal “aha” somewhere in the room. We use our bodies and sensing as the guide and indication system as opposed to language, talking, and connecting socially. 

For more details on Stella’s work, check out www.wholebeingalignment.com