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Modest fashion redefined

admin 20-Apr-2019

Modest fashion redefined

Taking the conventional Kaftan leitmotif to a new level of style 

Saudi Arabia’s leading modest wear label Leem breaks boundaries this holy month with the launch of the Ramadan Capsule Collection. Redefining the demure approach to modest wear dressing, the collection features bold and bright block colour combined with painterly stripes and geometric prints, all of which are translated onto silhouettes that define the most sought after looks this Ramadan. 

The family unit inspires the Leem Ramadan Capsule Collection this season. The label pays homage to the precious relationship between mother and daughter, as well as the inimitable bond of sisterhood. Beautifully merging authentic Middle Eastern styles with modern cuts, elegant full-length dresses and languid, free-flowing kaftan ensembles take centre stage this season, reinforcing the brand’s stylish signature of affordable pieces for today's fashion conscious woman. Not afraid to stand out, there is a burst of graphic patterns, including eye-catching textured Aztec motifs, expertly etched onto the cloth. Contrasting tones make an appearance on straight lined, fluid models as well as raw edges, which outline the necklines and cuffs to enrich some of the more romantic garments. Pearls and other intricate jewels are artfully embroidered onto specific constructs to offer stately accents to the collection. The seasonal palette is hedged on a selection of vibrant reds, oranges and blush, rosy pink tones, combined with blues, greens and other colourful spatters, to help bolster the feminine qualities of the gowns. 

The evolution of the kaftan characteristics continues with the introduction of the cocoon-shaped dress - a long, oversized structure, featuring lightly woven material and a high, wide rounded neckline, specially made for the ‘mommy and me’ range. The brand goes on to complement the shape of the pieces with built-in belts that exaggerate the profile.