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Vintage Easter Traditions till Today

admin 20-Apr-2019

Vintage Easter Traditions till Today

And how Bahrain embraces them 

One of the most celebrated holidays that give elders as much reasons to get festive as it does to young ones, Easter Day arrives on April21. Bahrain, a nation that has always embraced various celebrations, allowing the festivities to be commemorated in sheer fervour of solidarity and excitement, will host a range of amazing initiatives. This includes dining at some of the most divine venues around the island. Among them, is the scrumptious spread by Kolors restaurant at The K Hotel on April21. Be it the delectable special lunch buffet or the very special Easter dinner, which includes special entertainment, your Easter holiday will indeed be memorable for family and friends.

There have been plenty of heart-warming traditions that have been growing and revisited since the early fifties. Weekender looks into some of the top Easter traditions that residents enjoy wholeheartedly on the island. One of the most popular ones is the ‘Chocolate Easter Egg’. Back in the ’50s, the demand for these oval shaped amazing chocolates and truffles were high for the holiday. And looking into how a large number of confectionaries and brands now create customized chocolate eggs; the aisles of the top hypermarkets in Bahrain give plenty of choices to residents. Christopher Ralph who has been spending Easter in Bahrain for the past 3years, shares with Weekender, “I’m glad Bahrain has so many amazing options to have a decent Easter spread. Aside from the dining options available, I make it a point to gift my friends here Chocolate Easter eggs. The ambience is great.”

Aside from dining, Easter also allows you to get creative. In the early fifties, ranging till the seventies, ‘dyeing Easter eggs’ was a wonderful yet messy affair. It paved the way for families to make this holiday more than just about food. And while dyeing is still pretty much done at many homes, Bahrain is also a podium of various arts & crafts venues (see page1), allowing children to make their Easter a very artistic one. Samantha Rudd, who organizes Easter Egg Hunt in her compound in Janibiya said, “It’s always an incredible this time of the year. All the residents of the compound participate wholeheartedly, allowing children to gather up more than 20yummy eggs in their baskets.”

Lastly it isn’t festive if you aren’t dressed up for it. While ladies and children would go for polka dotted looks in yesteryear, people still dress up in their ‘Sunday best’ allowing the colours of Spring with pastel and floral prints do the talking of a happy ambience. Many of the fashion brands have a sale during this time, allowing families to stock up on garments and accessories, making it a special Easter feast for all in our very own Bahrain.