Weekender Bahrain, Sunday, September 15 2019

Adapt "Ramadan Toy Rotation"

admin 21-May-2019


Although it can be lovely to buy new toys and books for Ramadan to present to your children on the first day, there are a lot of people around us who are less than capable of doing it. Instead, parents who also have it upon their heads to do Iftar preparations every day could be encouraged to implement a toy/book rotation system in their homes. Put some of the children’s toys out of sight (possibly in the attic or garage). Then, when you bring them back out again during this month, the children will be excited. If you have enough toys, you could also do a weekly rotation, putting away and bringing out “new” toys from your hiding space every week.

We would also recommend a basket of toys that are only allowed to be used during “quiet time”. Establishing a “quiet time” in the late afternoon would keep them occupied when you would definitely require some rest. The special basket of toys will keep them entertained for hours. The great thing about restricting access to toys, and creating rotations, is that you do not need to buy anything; rather you are just making the most of what you already have. However, if you do feel new toys are to be added to your child’s shelves, why not donate the ones that have been left ignored for a long time now, and give them to the less privileged! Bahrain has a large number of charities with such noble initiatives. Among others, check out the Facebook pages of ‘Feed the Need’, ‘A Box of Goodness’, and ‘Hope Institute’.