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Masaya's Eternal Take on Ramadan Nights

admin 25-May-2019

Masaya's Eternal Take on Ramadan Nights

Ramadan holds a lot of significance for many. It brings reasons aplenty for people to come together and have a good time, creating memories that will last for a long time. And what memories are more treasurable than those made with #RCmemories.

Once more, the most dazzling property on the island has transformed itself into a Ramadan haven with its luxurious VIVA Masaya Pavilion, setting Ramadan nights on fire with its defining iftar and ghabga buffet feasts. The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain brings the aesthetic sense of renowned designer and scenographer Ammar Basheir into the limelight again with traditional Islamic architecture with a modern touch. The octagon-shaped pavilion is welcoming guests for an unforgettable experience their taste buds will forever thank them for. A display of defining appetizers, salads, main courses and desserts from cuisines of the world will allow you to enjoy Ritz dining in its absolute galore. It becomes an accumulation of the best of what The Ritz-Carlton has to offer as guests delight in splendors of a culinary journey through the resort’s award-winning restaurants. The buffet caters to every member of the family; it treats the taste buds of expats, locals, children and adults alike. The aromatic menu encompassing flavors of traditional Arabian cuisine, along with modern fare, has over 100 buffet items. From exotic salads like calamari spicy, mussel teriyaki, to the very favorite Ramadan picks like spinach fatayer, lamb kibbeh and the most aromatic bread from around the world, the buffet is a wondrous world of limitless possibilities. Apart from this, there is a dessert spread that isn't just limited to Arabian confectionaries and includes an authentic Turkish Ice Cream cart and the divine white and milk chocolate fountains. Siblings Dalia and Mazan, who have been enjoying the delights of the pavilion for a second year told Weekender, “The food spread, the ambiance and the hospitality never fail to impress and this year, the buffet is highly impressive, offering so much to share and indulge over with your friends and family.”

“Our Masaya Tent has definitely been a huge hit on the island, and it brings us great pleasure to present it once again to our guests who are looking for an enticing, unforgettable, experience, Chef De Cuisine, Rerkden Paensurin also shared with Weekender. Presenting details on the scrumptious spread which includes items from various cuisines, Chef Rerkden said, “Every year it’s all about going above and beyond. This year too, we sat down with our Arabic chef and got creative to bring the best of Egyptian, Japanese, Mexican and other delectable selections of cuisines from around the world. With a salad bar serving more than 40 varieties, to delicacies like shrimp popcorns, hammour harra, beef medallion moral, pad thai, kebabs and more, we want to make your Ramadan nights exceptional with what Masaya is offering.”

Guests can enjoy the iftar, from sunset to 8 pm, for BHD 32, and ghabga from 9 pm to 2 am, for BHD 35. Guests can also enhance the experience by booking a pergola seating area for BHD 360, enjoying silver service for up to eight guests.