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A Special Gergaoun Celebration

admin 25-May-2019

A Special Gergaoun Celebration

An ecstatic buzz consumed the pediatric ward in Salmaniya Medical Complex as children were greeted with a pleasant surprise; a bag filled with goodies. 

The bearers of these gifts were the Ambassador of Malaysia to Bahrain, His Excellency Agus Salim Bin Yusof, and his spouse Norsyazwani Hamdan. Confined to a hospital ward, these kids missed on one of the joyous festivity children in Bahrain look forward to, the celebration of Gergaoun. Observed by Khaleeji children, Gergaoun falls on the 14th day of Ramadan. Despite the various names it is acknowledged by, the tradition remains the same. Keeping in mind the limitations being faced by the children admitted during this time, H.E Agus Salim Bin Yusof and Mrs. Hamdan decided to bring Gergaoun to them. 

Joy of Giving 

With patients ranging from 14-year-olds to even a 16-day old baby, it truly was a heartwarming event to witness the sparkle in their eyes and the happy giggles as the couple graciously handed bags of exciting activities and toys. Speaking to Weekender, Ms. Hamdan shared details on having a great experience interacting with the children: “We came here to celebrate Gergaoun with these beautiful children. Because of their admittance at the hospital, they can’t celebrate Gergaoun the usual way like the other kids, hence we decided to celebrate with them. It was endearing to see their happy faces, as we tried boosting their morale and giving them strong hope.” She also talked about how impressive the facilities and services were at the hospital, giving undivided attention to the admitted children. 

Commemorating 45 years of a strong bilateral bond between Bahrain and Malaysia, the Malaysian Embassy has a variety of events spanning across the entire year, the first of which was the surprise visit to the pediatric ward. The upcoming events involving a fashion show, sports activities, cooking class, etc is set to take place post summer and will witness the participation of other embassies as well as government entities.