Weekender Bahrain, Monday, December 09 2019


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Bahrain’s very own dolphin whisperer is giving residents the chance to experience something remarkable! Head out into the open sea and witness a pod of spinner dolphins in their complete natural element as they play around in the wilderness of the clear blue waters. Talal Ahmed, who has been driving his boat for more than 5 years now, had his first encounter with dolphins in Bahrain when he headed to the island called Fasht Al Khor, situated 30 mins from Amwaj Islands. “The experience was an eye opener as I noticed the dolphins were racing head to head with my boat. Their friendly nature fascinated me and I marked the location on my GPS, I've been coming here ever since,” he told Weekender.

On why he is called the dolphin whisperer, Talal said it is due to the bond that he formed with the dolphins. “My friends who would go to that same place wouldn’t see the dolphins. They wouldn’t come close to the boats and it is then I realized that they recognized me. I have been coming here often, and I love how these beautiful creatures interact and showcase their gentle yet curious nature.” Talal tells us a pod is usually 6-7 dolphins and sometimes you can see two different pods in close proximity to one another. “Once I witnessed a super pod which consisted of around 40-60 dolphins, all travelling together.”

 Plastic Ban A Win for Marine Life

 Speaking on the positive impact the recent announcement on the ban on plastic bags in Bahrain would make, Talal said it will help flourish the marine life. “It would break my heart to see all the disposed waste in the sea like plastic bags and rubbish, and I had been trying to raise awareness on the same. This ban would make a huge impact on the marine life, especially dolphins. It is high time that human waste is accounted for and combated.” The ban’s first phase to be implemented will focus on single-use plastic bags as well as banning the import of non-biodegradable plastic bags. Later phases will witness a permanent ban on the use of plastic bags at certain malls and supermarkets. To know more on how you can witness and win an exciting trip to see the dolphins with Talal, follow him on Instagram @dolphin_whisperer_  , tag two of your friends and comment on your favourite video in his account.