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Yoga to save the world!

admin 24-Jun-2019

Yoga to save the world!

Yoga to save the world!

The global phenomenon of climate change is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years. This comes forth as an alarming statement and requires the undivided attention of the citizens of the world. Coral reefs are dying. Forests are crumbling. Arctic animals, such as polar bears, are losing the sea ice they call home. We, too, feel the effects. Climate change threatens our agriculture, health, water supply, infrastructure and more. No part of the world is immune. Bahrain and the citizens of the country too are well-aware of the impact and would be addressing the issue and presenting ways to combat it with something not expected - yoga.

A public event “Yoga for Climate Action”, organized by Peace without Limits International Organization with the support of the United Nations, Bahrain, is all set to take place on June 21. The country’s leading influential figures including celebrities will be joining the mega-gathering aimed to take action and combat climate change by promoting sustainable healthy yogic lifestyle while raising awareness of the many benefits of yoga.

Speaking to Weekender, Yogic Sciences Professor and Certified Yoga Therapist ‘Fatima Al Mansoori’ said: “We celebrate the International Yoga Day every year, but this year we want to take bigger steps to enrich the understanding of the various aspects of Yoga and allow Bahrain to utilize it in the most effective way. As an Ambassador for the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals/UN Global Goals) and a Yoga Therapist, I'm driven towards enriching the communities' understanding of the various aspects of Yoga to allow us to utilize it in the most effective way towards a sustainable and peaceful living"


International icons come together

"Yoga for Climate Action" is the theme chosen by the United Nations for the year 2019, which is goal number 13 of the Sustainable Development Goals. In the light of climate change and global warming impacts on economic development, and the exhaustion of resources, and its effect on poverty and floods, tackling the crisis has become an important and complex element in achieving the sustainable development Goals (SDGs). Affordable solutions to climate change must be found and adapted, and change can be stimulated in behavior patterns and lifestyles. A round table discussion will also take place under the event - it will bring together a diverse group of dignitaries and professionals together to discuss challenges and solutions for people, planet and prosperity. Fatima said she would also emphasize on the importance of licensing Yoga as an integrative therapy which can contribute to reducing medication and treatment expenses for patients suffering chronic conditions and prevent complications of the diseases. “Also it's necessary to categorize it under NHRA to make it easier for patients to find a qualified yoga therapist and for medical professionals who wish to refer their patients to certified qualified professionals.”

The event will consist of a Q&A with Dr. Krishna Sharma, Professor, and Chairman of Human Consciousness and Yogic Science at Mangalore University. There will be free health check-up blood tests and consultations by Al-Hilal Hospital, as well as a Therapeutic Yoga session with Fatima, among other activities. With the help of the celebrities expected to be in attendance, including artists and international figures, the crowd would be inspired to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Founder of Arab Yoga Foundation, who has also received the Padma Shri Award for contributing to legalizing Yoga in Saudi Arabia will also be attending. Well-known artist ‘Ali Al Fardan’ will also be hosting a mini-exhibition at the venue. Contributing to the recovery from the global climate crisis by highlighting a healthy sustainable lifestyle; dealing with the environmental challenges while simultaneously focusing on health and motivation for the success and development of the individual, society, and planet as a whole, the gathering aims to make a difference.