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Be A Savvy Traveller This Summer

admin 27-Jun-2019

Be A Savvy Traveller This Summer

Be A Savvy Traveller This Summer

Vacay mode is on and while a holiday is supposed to be your time to de-stress and unwind, make sure you get it done right from the start! Travelling and packing mistakes are commonplace, but can wind up making a memorable experience messy or sour. While being travel savvy is born out of a cluster of mistakes, Weekender is here to give you a few travel tips to ensure your summer is better than you had hoped for!


1.   Always pack a towel ( or two) – Whether it’s a beach or a park or staying a night at a friend’s house or taking an impromptu shower at a public facility, it is in the best sense to pack a personal towel.

2.  International credit card helps – Monetary emergencies can pop up at any time, whether it is caused by a personal situation or a civil or political situation, make sure you are financially connected in a feasible manner.

3.  Carry a map – This may sound outdated considering we live in the era of Google maps, GPS tracking, etc. but in a situation where your phone cannot access signal or runs out of battery, maps can be super helpful. Travelling the old-fashioned way can also be fun, and will probably give you a true experience of the local milieu.

4. Eat away from a tourist destination – As a general rule, don’t dine in the immediate vicinity of a tourist spot since it’ll create a deep impression on your wallet unnecessarily. Most often than not these places would not be selling the local fare either. Walk down the road and find an authentic place to eat at, you’d be boosting the revenue of a non-conglomerate too!

5.  Pack an emergency kit – Flashlight, matchbox, padlock, power bank, scissors, pocket knife, first aid box, travel adaptor, insect/bug repellent, hard cash in a major international currency (preferably dollars) – these are a few must-haves. Add to the list depending on your needs.

6. Get Vaccinated – Read up on the WHO guidelines before visiting your country of choice, and make sure to get vaccinated well in advance to avoid mishaps.

The most important tip – HAVE FUN! Remember this is what you aimed for in the first place. Enjoy the precious time with your family, or by yourself, and make the most of this moment to rejuvenate yourself!