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Colours Group, established in 1999

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Colours Group, established in 1999

Bahrain-based author, whose first children’s book last year turned out to be quite a treat for young readers, will be releasing an exciting range of titles this year as well, with “Pterosaur in the Hardware Store” having launched just recently.


Speaking to Weekender about how the concept of the book came to her, author Julia Inserro, said “One day while I was waiting in line to pay at the hardware store, my kids were playing around pretending there were dinosaurs chasing them. And the title, Dinosaurs in the Hardware Store, popped into my head. My daughter had been asking for a dinosaur book, so I figured this was a sign.” She sat down and wrote the first draft. It was definitely a different type of book - encouraging active imaginations of the characters and the readers. Finding the right illustrator took some time. “But as soon as I saw Luis Peres' work, I knew I had to work with him. I sent him the draft and his enthusiasm and excitement over the story was just what I wanted. Along the way, I also got some help from Dr. David Hone and Thomas Garcia, a self-proclaimed amateur palaeontologist. Both were extremely helpful when I was asking about dinosaur names and physical characteristics. I'm very grateful for their input.” Suggesting it to be a fun and silly book to write and create, Julia hopes that it will encourage imaginations everywhere. “Who knows, there might be dinosaurs just around the corner, right?”


Her next book, My Camel Wants To Be a Unicorn, is expected to be out in September.


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