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A Musical Trip Around the World

admin 25-Jul-2019

A  Musical Trip Around the World

Persians are well known for their taste in music, art, food, and the beauty of their language. Evolving and changing every day, the wonderfully adaptable bluesy music of this region has been a source of inspiration and fame to many artistes who have been enthralled by its soulfulness. Music in Bahrain has its roots in traditional folk tunes, with a work-song dedicated to each of their conventional trades, like the fidjeri is to pearl diving. African and Indian influences are the overtones in this genre of music. Over the years, the oud has received great recognition and accolades for plucking at your heart, the way the musician plucks at its strings. Ali Bahar and Khaled El Sheikh are amongst the popular names of musicians from Bahrain.


Dutch artist Pauline Koning, who is releasing her mellifluous new track ‘Kefaya Ghyab’, has taken inspiration from Middle Eastern culture, music, and rhythms. Kefaya Ghyab channels lost love, raw emotions, and a cutting-edge fusion sound that has already won fans across the region. A divine dance master practitioner, she fell in love with the Middle Eastern culture, art, and music, while pursuing studies at the Art Academy. Kefaya Ghyab was recorded in Egypt alongside artists Eslam Emad Eldin and renowned composer Samer Abo Taleb. Pauline’s influences include Ali Bahar and the oriental band Majaz, based in Bahrain.


Ali Bahar is nicknamed the Bob Marley of the Gulf, and was a popular presence at international music shows till his demise in 2011. Majaz is an earthy 4-piece Progressive Fusion Folk band. Their unconventional blend of instruments has been widely recognized, making them one of the island’s most unique musical acts. A breath of fresh air straying from conventional sounds, Majaz’s performances deliver what music is best known for – a trip through the world, through cultures and times and places, embracing you in a whirlwind of dimensions.