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Vintage Is Back In Style!

admin 25-Jul-2019

Vintage Is Back In Style!

The most iconic image of 2000s that makes a sartorial statement is undoubtedly Britney Spears in her denim dress, accompanied by then beau Justin Timberlake in full denim couture, on the red carpet of the American Music Awards in 2001. While lifestyle boutiques aren’t yet sporting jean gowns, 2019 has brought back a cornucopia of trends all the way from the 1920s, till the glorious 2000s, and have also altered the nomenclature of some of them, to fit the Gen-X lingo. 


This is Weekender’s roundup of the most quintessential comebacks

1)         Circular Frame Glasses

The past three or four years have witnessed the revival of large frames, circular frames, and the geeky or nerdy-looking eyewear, co-opted by the hipsters. The circular frame sunshades, a trend from the 1920s, they were made popular in the 80s by John Lennon and other celebrities. The classy shades in their marvelous colors are all the rage now, and a summer favorite in Bahrain!

2)         Chokers 

Every sassy female celebrity sported a choker in the 90s. Choker sets were the most valuable possessions of girls of all ages, and the sassy women have brought it back, in 2018-2019. The chokers have undergone a recognizable spiffing and are now sartorial statements proclaiming boldness and the don’t-mess-with-me attitude.

3)         Crop Tops

Fashion changes, but style endures, and the crop top is in a league of its own. While we are glad that some trends like the velour tracksuits have disappeared, we are ecstatic that crop tops have made a glorious come back. Pair them with jeans, shorts, maxi skirts, tracks, what have you, and the eye-candy effect is sure to set in.

4)         Matching Sets - Monochromes

What was sold as a matching top and a bottom of any kind, is now a monochrome outfit. Sleek then, elegant, formal, and suave, now.

5)         Jean Everything

Denim jackets, shorts, cutoffs, dungarees, overalls, ripped jeans – they are all back, and oh how glorious do they look and feel! Denim is the ultimate comfort statement and it goes a long way in showing how physical ease can also look good.

6)         Track Suits - Athleisure

Track suits are all the rage now, albeit with a new name – athleisure. Gym fads and the general fitness craze that has taken the food, medicine, and exercise industry by a storm has also brought back to us the workout look. Comfortable, chic, and easy breezy. Brands have launched these in so many drool-worthy variants that toeing the line between donning athleisure and dressing sloppily has gotten much easier.


7)         Neons


They aren’t retro anymore! This year’s summer favorite, neons are back on boots, lipsticks, shoes, tops, tracks, dresses, and everything else. Flashy neon from head to toe isn’t back yet, and we are thankful for that. But the occasional pop of bright color could give anybody’s day a fresh whirl.


One noticeable theme of all the comebacks would be bold sartorial choices. While the past decade or so struggled with body image politics, fashion brands have and celebrities have brought back plenty of bold choices for people of all shapes, sizes, and dressing affiliations, truly living up to the concept of to each his own!