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Interview with Amena Shahrukh - a biker and a pranic healer

admin 26-Feb-2020

Interview with Amena Shahrukh - a biker and a pranic healer

Amena Shahrukh, a Pakistani model and a pranic healer is the first Pakistani lady biker in Bahrain. Amena is married and has a son, they currently live in Bahrain. Amena is a commerce graduate and besides that Amena is also a licensed Zumba and Bollywood choreographed aerobics instructor. 


1)      When the first time you started riding and what was inspired you to do so?


I first started riding in Pakistan two years back, I learnt it from a friend who was an instructor but that was just like that. I started my training and took my license in Bahrain about a year ago. I have been very sporty since childhood and I like trilling activities so I find riding very thrilling yet it’s very graceful, I find it as an art and that’s what inspired me to riding.


2)      Coming from a restricted background, was it easy for you to convince your loved ones?


Well, it wasn’t very difficult to convince my loved ones. I just had to make some promises to them and also the growing trend of lady bikers made it much easier for me to convince my family.


3)      What are your plans for the future?


My future plan is to get a bigger bike, I really am looking forward to the new Harley Davidson Fatboy. But before that on a serious note, I want to master my skills and want to travel the world on my bike with a message of love, peace and harmony from Bahrain.


4)      Do you plan to promote your passion among youngsters? If so, how?


Riding a bike is a very different and a daring passion. It will be an honor for me to provide help and guidance to those ladies who are willing to follow their passion of riding.  Bahrain is doing very well when it comes to the exposure and the facility for women biker but the country I come from, is still not considered as the way of commuting for women widely. Although things are progressing there, and I hope I will be able to make a difference soon.


5)      Any advice for the people out there wanting to break free from daily routine?


Well I think that routine is good and you don’t need to break it. People should include their passion in their routine, and also dreams and passion are timeless. So it’s never too late to start, and realistic is a relative term. One should do whatever they feel happy, as far as it is not causing any damage to their loved ones.