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Veganism & how Bahrain lets you adapt it fully!

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Veganism is being practiced widely these days and there is always a debate about whether it is just another food fad or whether opting for veganism has its own benefits. Before getting into whether it is fad or not, it is important to understand what being a vegan means. “Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.”

In Bahrain, being vegan means you are certainly in the minority and it is bound to raise many eye brows. However, there is a small yet strong vegan community that supports and strongly advocates the choice of being vegan. What’s more, many restaurants and hypermarkets have changed their outlook and have more vegan-friendly food and ingredients making life easier for this community. Here are some of the sources that may prove useful if you are planning to adopt the vegan way of life –

Where to get your Vegan Goodies in Bahrain:

  1. Vegan meals at your doorstep - @veganmealsbh delivers healthy, homemade vegan meals at your doorstep. Follow them on Instagram and you would know the menuwhich changes week after week. Having tried this diet for a week by ordering vegan meals from Vegan Meals Bahrain, here are a few observations –
  • Felt lighter
  • No bloating
  • Portions are just enough to feel full and on more.
  • Vegan take on classic dishes like shepherd’s pie were refreshing to taste.

        2. Vegans in Bahrain community - @veganbahrain is a community that provides all the necessary information about being vegan and where to find products and ingredients that are vegan – friendly.

        3. Vegan Blog – One Arab Vegan ( www.onearabvegan) is a blog you must follow, in case you are planning to try the vegan lifestyle. All information about how to tackle unfriendly questions about your vegan lifestyle to the most sumptuous vegan recipes grace this blog penned by Nada. Be sure to subscribe to this one! ( please use the link sent to take a screenshot)

        4. Vegan products – Lulu Hypermarket and Al Jazeera house vegan- friendly products. All it takes is some effort to read labels to ensure you are picking the right product.

         5. Eating out – Initially, eating out may feel daunting but there are many restaurants in Bahrain that offer vegan- friendly menus. Café Amsterdam, Orangery, Pauls Bakery offer many vegan choices to diners.


Adopting a vegan lifestyle does not have to be an overnight shift. It can be done in baby steps, allowing the body and  mind  the time to accept the change by first cutting out refined, in-organic and processed foods and including more vegetables, fruits and whole grains in the diet.


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