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Feeling Happy in your Skin

admin 13-Oct-2016

Feeling Happy in your Skin

Wherever we look, it seems much of the teenage world is plagued by the need to look their absolute best. So much is its tenacity to their existence, that anything else seems unworthy and unnecessary.

 One woman has highlighted the issue in an interesting way, asking people to consider body image with a fresh perspective. Monisha Kumar chose to write on a subject that is close to her heart. “I have a business development background and writing was actually the last thing on my mind till my husband forced me to write just because he thought I was excellent in making proposals and PowerPoint presentations. Though I have a creative streak and strong opinions but I still lacked the confidence to actually get down to writing a book.”

She decided to write for teenagers as she was under the impression that it would be easy and she could get away with mediocre language skills, however she realised much later how difficult was it to underplay and write from a teen’s perspective without sounding superfluous. ‘Sick of being healthy’ started to take shape and it presented a light and humorous take on some serious issues that teens face in today’s world- such as self-esteem, academic pressures and complicated online friendships. The central character is a plump girl who is smart and funny but thinks she could never be able to get the guy of her dreams because of the way she looks. When this guy actually falls for her prettier and much thinner friend, it pushes her into a deep dark world of a food disorder called bulimia. The story is about how she learns to overcome her issues and learns to love herself again.

 Reflecting on the main character, Monisha told Weekender, “As my central character learns that she did not need attention from a stud to feel special, the same way I want to highlight that you are not what you look like- you are what is within you so loosen up and try feeling happy in your skin. Because all of us are perfect- just the way we are. However, I don’t intend to sound preachy or over bearing. The book is entertaining and if it makes a difference in somebody’s life- my job would be done.”



The book is available at Jashanmal stores for BD 3.6