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Weekender’s Valentine Picks for ‘Him & Her’

admin 08-Feb-2017

Weekender’s Valentine Picks for ‘Him & Her’

One of the things our team loves doing is heading out to town, speaking to the public and learning of the most popular buys in the market right now. And with the Valentine Milieu around (and for those who are still confused on what to get ‘him’ or ‘her’) check out a few of our selected items available at the popular malls, that you can include in your Valentine Gift List.


We know, it is probably coming just a tad over your Valentine spending budget, but it would be wrong to not talk of Play Station’s launched VR headset that will allow you to discover a new world of unexpected gaming and entertainment experiences. As the world gears into VR technology, step into an incredible virtual world and experience entertainment in new and extraordinary ways. With gamers in mind, some of the most highly anticipated titles coming soon to PS VR. Certainly the most popular pick for those who love gaming backed by the technological era.

Pouch Pals
Pouch Pals Cord Case is a hand crafted cord case made of organic Italian leather. It’s an easy to use pouch that will carry and protect your headphones in style. It’s got a thick, heavy look and it will be available in wide variety of colours.

POP! Games Figurines
Seriously could there be anything cuter? From Funko’s popular ‘POP!’ series come these really cool vinyl figurines.  With most of them standing at approx. 9 cm tall and coming in a window box packaging, we know your Valentine must be having a certain favourite character and with the range of characters offered to add into a Pop! Vinyl collection, we are certain this won’t be just a once only Valentine purchase.

KANGURU Deluxe Glow
Make it a starry night (and romantic) with this very unique and snugly special blanket which she will surely love. It comes with long sleeves that charges with light and then shines in the dark. Yes, sounds magical and a popular pick at the mall. “With winters keeping the ‘brrr’ going on, this is something I am sure my wife would love,” Abdul Hamdi shared with Weekender as he bought one from Virgin Megastore.

Fancy yourself over a mini mechanical keyboard? The Tac Hori certainly made gaming more interesting. It is pretty neat and ergonomic and comes as the perfect keyboard for the Playstation4. Give your gaming enthusiastic partner a device that’ll bring more excitement into their gaming experience.