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Oscar Tresses that went blah

admin 02-Mar-2017

Oscar Tresses that went blah

Wet & Short Bangs
See bangs always work. They are the cutest way to look good. All you have to do is tie up the hair in a ponytail and let the bangs stand out in the front, but when they are looking greasy and flat against, you know something didn’t go right. Much like in the case of Olivia Culpo’s bangs. The radiant actress had her locks tied back with her bangs side-swept across her forehead, however their plastered down in an unflattering wet look, didn’t do justice to her otherwise rocking avatar. Bangs in their natural look, look great.
Also what doesn’t work, having them shortened more than they should be.  Sofia Boutella’s bangs looked like they had been cut several centimeters too short, and were somewhat awkwardly separated. It actually reminded of childhood glory when the kids would become their own stylists and chop of a chunk right in the front, giving this ‘Sofia’ inspired look. Nope, doesn’t work.


Wild Hair
We love Halle Berry and anything she does. But when the 50-year-old actress let her head full of healthy brown curls take center stage at the Academy Awards, we were left wondering if in this case, using a bit of styling gel might have helped.  “With this look, I celebrate my natural hair by allowing it to be natural and free”, she said. Sure celebrate it as you wish but when the furl seems to be having a life of its own, tightening up the curls for a major event would give a more distinctive and stylish look.

One-sided bun
Jessica Biel was a vision in her golden gown but shoulders upwards, we don’t know what happened. Her low bun added more years to her age and to make it worse, it even hung to one side, creating a less-than-flawless finish. For someone who had gorgeous tresses, it was rather odd how she decided to twist them in a loose loop that was flat at the back and looked as if it was about to fall out at any moment. Giving an asymmetrical bagginess on one side of her head, the frumpy look was something a 6 year old kid could have pulled off too.
This just comes to prove that while these celebrities could have access to the top stylists taking hold of their tresses, even that can’t guarantee a winning red carpet look. Being different doesn’t always necessarily translate to looking great.