Weekender Bahrain, Saturday, December 14 2019


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After 1690 minutes of exciting and breathtaking gameplay between 24 participating teams, Outlaws reign in the first edition of the 3 on 3 international basketball competition, Red Bull Reign, held in Shaikh AbdulRahman bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Basketball Arena in Muharraq Club.
Outlaws, who comprised of Sultan Majed, Abbas Jawadi, Mahmood Issa and Hussam Assem reigned supreme with an intense and exciting finish to the game. The team will go on to represent the Kingdom

of Bahrain at the World Finals at Barry Farms – Home of the Goodman League in Washington, D.C. this coming September. The winners were felicitated by the Bahrain Basketball Association on behalf of His Highness Sheikh Isa bin Ali bin Khalifa Al- Khalifa, chairman of the BBA. Held in the kingdom for the first time, Red Bull Reign invited Bahrain’s top amateur basketball players to compete in the ultimate 3-on-3 battle, testing the teams’ endurance, skills, teamwork, and ability to own their court while they tried to outlast their opponents.

Unlike most 3-on-3 tournaments, Red Bull Reign pushed teams to their utter physical and mental limits. The rules of the high endurance, offense driven tournament were simple: the teams that score the overall points in each round advanced to the next round.