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Who will rule the Sakhir Circuit this year?

admin 13-Apr-2017

Who will rule the Sakhir Circuit this year?

It’s almost time; the Sakhir circuit will be fired up soon and as the greatest of the greatest race car drivers take on the track, residents of Bahrain are all set to root for their favourites, hoping to see them at the top of their game, taking home the acclaimed title. We spoke to a few of these race-car enthusiasts to know who they think will take home the winning glory.



My hopes will be upon Sebastian Vettel to win hoping to continue his back to back 4 world championship in recent years. Vettel was only less than 25 years old when he won these championships and he used to drive since his teenage years.  I totally believe in youngsters because they are filly driven a have strong passion for victory and success.  He is also driving the Ferrari Secuderia which will be an additional winning criteria.

- Sarah Hamza Sharaf


I think Sebastian Vettel will win, He’s been on top since pre season testing, His car has been superior in Australia. Also, His setting quick and consistent lap times While maintaining his tires. He won here twice, in 2012 and 2013. He knows his way around his track. Based on things that aren’t statistics, He did promise he’s gonna catch Lewis this season and so far he is proving it. 

- Fatima Sharaf


Lewis Hamilton will win this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix. He remains one of the best there is.

- Adrianne Ridge


Sebastian Vettel will win the race. Because he is currently driving for Scuderia Ferrarri. He is the most successful F1 driver with winning most championships. He has beaten nearly all his team mates in driving championships and Vettel is still hungry for more titles as he chases the records of his childhood hero Michael Schumacher. He is one of the fastest drivers on the grid and one of my favourite quotes of his is: “The Chequered Flag is really just a stupid wooden stick and a piece of cloth. Its a small thing but it means so much when you cross the line”

-Fahad Tariq


I think Lewis Hamilton will win F1 Grand Prix Bahrain. He has won 53 races and entered 189 races with total of 105 podiums. He is the Formula 1 world champion since 2007 till now. In 2007 he was the youngest driver to ever lead the World championship. He is my absolute favourite. I strongly believe that he will win 2017 Trophy for Bahrain Grand Prix Formula 1. He is a very passionate driver and loves racing. He achieved 5 consecutive victories for the first time, winning, Italian, Singapore, Japanese, Russian and US Grand Prix. In 2014, he won F1 in Bahrain , China and Malaysia forming the First Hat-Trick. I feel in 2017 he will win F1 as well.

-Asim Khan


Sebastian Vettel is a favorite for winning the Bahrain Grand Prix this year. He is a German racing driver, driving in Formula One for Ferrari. Vettel has already kicked off the season with a win in Australian Grand Prix beating Lewis Hamilton & Valtteri Botas, who ended up on second & third place. The 2017 Formula One Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix will be taking place from April 14th to 16th in Sakhir, this will be the third of 20 rounds on the 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship. Let the Race begin!!

-Nazish Ehsan