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Seek the world with your 'smart identity

admin 07-May-2017

Seek the world with your 'smart identity


The world has officially moved into the digital era. People are now seeking instant answers and results. Modern day businesses have changed tremendously and the readily accessible online portal has made life easier. And while much of how we communicate has also advanced, one thing has indefinitely remained the same: usage of business cards. Showcasing credentials, existing printed cards can only pass limited information and often become a hassle to store and recall. However a group of technical experts have joined forces to bring forth a digital identity conveying more than a printed business card can ever will.

Launching soon in Bahrain, the EGO Smart Identity represents itself as a powerful branding, marketing and sales tool, built on a web solution developed from Australia and South Africa under the company called Supadata. This smart card can be viewed and shared from any device having a connection to the internet. With Bahrain as the Head Quarters for operations in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan, the benefits of this groundbreaking technology are tremendous! Weekender sat down with the four partners spearheading the launch, to know how it is the next big thing to look out for and be a part of. The EGO Smart Card team, consisting of: Chairperson Suhair Ali M. AlZowaid, Marketing and Investment Director Unnikrishnan Puravankara, Managing Director Lyn Al Haqbani and PR Director Hamad Salah Saleh shared the following valuable insights:


W. How will Ego Smart cards revolutionize the way we communicate and conduct businesses?

EGO Team: EGO Smart Identity, which is a copyright protected web solution, will revolutionize the business industry. The days of costly, drawn out marketing campaigns are over! EGO Smart Identity can be sent and shared via Whatsapp, SMS, Email, Bluetooth, airdrop, Facebook, Linkedin as well as many other social media platforms and even scanned by utilizing our QR code, so it is very easy to distribute hundreds of EGO’s within a few minutes. Instead of working so hard, now you can work ‘smart’ and concentrate on fulfilling all the new enquiries and potential sales leads you will generate, with one click of a button. 


W. Are the cards personalized as per the client's demands and needs?

EGO Team: EGO Smart Identity is customized to ensure continuity of the customers corporate branding. The cards are all built in the MENA head office, in Bahrain, by qualified and experienced IT professionals. A designated account manager will take care of all the customer’s needs insofar as adding new employees and any changes to be made on any EGO Smart Identities, at users requests. 


W. Are they applicable for personal usage aside from boosting business identities?

EGO Team: Everyone can make use of EGO. We cater to all industries, SME’s, large corporations and private individuals. EGO Smart Identity is also access cards, student cards, stock cards, or client cards.  


W. How will 'EGO' help in giving business ventures a major boost in making connections and getting exposure?

EGO Team: It will allow a person to use all of their branding and communication materials simultaneously. When you send a potential customer your EGO, they have immediate, one click access to everything you want them to see (website, social media accounts, videos, contact information, online payment options etc). Also showcasing your special offers and particular posts on social media has never been easier. Many companies pour hours of work into updating their Facebook or Instagram pages, but have a hard time getting others to log on and connect. In addition to this as EGO is a Web based solution, the more often your card is viewed, the more your Google ranking increases. We also train and teach our customers on how to get the best usage and benefits possible from their cards at no extra cost. 


W. Does the objective remain to create globalized connections through a single platform?

EGO Team: Yes. EGO is the only and most effective solution to lowering your marketing costs, exposing your company to thousands of new potential business contacts and interacting on a global scale, without the added costs of traveling, transacting or meeting with international clients.

W. Will EGO be expanding to further markets and locations?

EGO Team: Yes. Bahrain is the Head Quarters for the operations in Middles East, North Africa and Pakistan. We have already appointed a reseller Lebanon and Turkey and we are in negotiations with prospective resellers from UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt etc.

W. Does Ego Support other languages?

EGO Team: Yes. The Ego Smart Identity is customized to the requirements of our valued customers and is available in English, Arabic, Turkish, French and Spanish. We are ready to add any languages requested.


W. Coming from Bahrain, will this technology provide a major boost to the country's economical standing?  

EGO Team: Absolutely. Our customers in Bahrain, who conduct business with other countries are now able to expose their offerings to existing and potential customers in a far more professional, instant and targeted manner. This will result in foreign capital coming into Bahrain, which will increase our countries economical standing. We are focused on employing local professionals as well as introducing new graduates to the digital industry, but training and growing their skills, in all aspects of the corporate business world.


W. With all these features, it looks like an expensive solution?  

EGO Team: Not at all. Ego is less expensive than printing business cards in Bahrain. We also have special deals for companies who have more than 50 employees.


W. How can a person gain access to one and any supporting services they be entitled to?

EGO team: We welcome our clients to contact us through our website, www.ego-mena.com, call 35559879, or email on info@ego-mena.com. One of our sales representatives will attend to their enquiry and take their EGO digital. We offer a 24 hour turnaround time on new EGO Smart Identities and guarantee real time updates on any changes or amendments to the cards.