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Gaming Guide 101 for the non-gamers !

admin 18-Oct-2018

Gaming Guide 101 for the non-gamers !

With the hype around the gaming world on the rise in Bahrain, as we continue to have major conventions coming up, eager gamers winning great titles and accolades and major mobile games being created on a grass-root level, it is amazing how there is still a certain part of the population that couldn’t be bothered at all! To play video games is to know the frustration of having dear friends and loved ones who don't share the same enthusiasm for your hobby. It becomes an endless debate where both sides assume they have will win the argument. And while Weekender in no way supports (or slams) one party or the other, we do think Bahrain’s time to win a solid position in the gaming industry should be supported, and for this reason we are listing the top7 games we feel non-gamers should try out. Surely they won’t be hooked as a gamer to countless hours on Call of Duty or Fortnite, but they will get the interest to instigate:


This one may be obvious. Too obvious, maybe, but any list of games that purports to offer entry points for the non-gamers in our lives is incomplete if it leaves out Minecraft. It's available on just about every gaming-friendly machine you can think of and it lets different players team up across many of those platforms. 


The original virtual pet is back.Once a hot '90s fad, Bandai resurrected the egg-shaped keychain toy in 2017. It's a simple premise: A little (digital) critter lives inside each small Tamagotchi unit and it's up to you to keep your bleeping friend happy, healthy, and fed.


A music-based board game created by Harmonix, the studio behind Rock Band. There's an app component to it, as players create musical mash-ups using NFC-chipped cards and a specially designed board. There are several different ways to play, but the music-making side of DropMix is the real draw.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is a game-changer. It's a fully self-contained VR system, much like the Oculus Go, but one that uses four positional cameras to keep track of your movements in a virtual space. 

Fallout: Board Game

This might not be a video game but it's based on a video game. And as board games based on video games go, this one is particularly true to the underlying mechanics of the popular post-apocalyptic role-playing game series from Bethesda Softworks. If Fallout 4 is too much for your favorite non-gamer (probably the case), Fallout: The Board Game is a great entry point.