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A Village Welcoming All

admin 08-Nov-2018

A Village Welcoming All

Omran AbdulRahman dedicated himself to building something that wasn’t existing in Bahrain long before. A Thai martial arts specialist, while training in a village in Thailand, admired the open and wilderness of setting that was present and aid “ we need this in Bahrain.”

He established Thai martial Arts since 2013 and then expanded his dream further in 2018 by establishing the ‘Strong Village’. An Eco Friendly Environment and Warriors all in One village. Weekender spoke to Omran about his exciting venture and how it will benefit residents of Bahrain.

W. How does Strong Village differ from other such exercise and training camps?

Omran: This is the first training camp of its kind in Bahrain. Our training methods are different in many ways than other dojos or gyms around the island, where we start with focusing on building your foundation before diving deeper into the fields of multiple levels of training we offer.

W. Why was it important for you to create an outdoors environment?

Omran: Yes, in our village when it comes to outdoors training is very important indeed in order to feel the energies of earth that God and Mother Nature intended for human beings to absorb on daily basis, rather than training in a boxed environment where our energies suffocate in closed room beneath artificial cooling systems. 

W. What were the major setbacks and difficulties you faced while creating Strong Village?

Omran: The struggle was relentless for year (almost 6 years to be exact). Shifting from one place to another every few months or so, never having a stable arena for our students call their own training grounds. And it was rather a most challenging task to find a location full of greenery, trees and clean air here in Bahrain to conduct our workouts in such a manner I intended for to resemble Thailand’s environment; however, with the help of patience and God, we did it.

W. How has the response and reach been so far?

Omran: So far so good. People are loving the concept (the outdoor Thai-theme) and they are most certainly loving the idea of training outside.

W. Do you think it is extremely crucial to be involved in such outdoors activities in a time and age when screens and gadgets rule our lifestyles?

Omran: Technological screens and gadgets are ruling over the modern world right now, but that doesn’t excuse the choice of sitting down and not doing any exercise for your body, mind and soul. Find your balance in life between the two (technology and physical health). Being outdoors more often will help us get that balance as we reconnect and interact with nature on regular basis. 

W. How did you get Muay Thai embedded into the string of activities?

Omran: I am a Thai Martial Arts specialist. This all started with Muaythai—the science of 8 limbs. When you know how to use your hands, elbows, knees and shins to strike and kick in order to defend yourself, then it could be humanity’s greatest defence mechanism against danger, all the while keeping your body active as it continues on strengthening.

W. Do you have a strong female membership as well? Any messages as to why women should also take part?

Omran: Yes, we do in fact offer all-female Muaythai self-defence classes as well, where women of all ages can join the Thai-movement. They are our mothers, sisters and wives and they will continue to be so for the next generations to come. Therefore, staying healthy and strong will help enable the next generations of women to stay motivated to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors of strong women.

W. What about activities and programmes pertaining to children?

Omran: Since modern technology took over, today’s children are not being as active as they were back in the day with these technological advances surrounding their lives. That is exactly why we are offering varieties of exercises to counteract against these modern issues affecting our kids by helping them avoid physical damage in the future. We encourage parents to enrol their young ones to the village, for we will be giving all sorts of training to fix postures, strengthen their core, increasing focus and stamina, self-defence awareness, getting rid of negative energies they might have and most importantly raising the self-confident inner-warriors within themselves.

W. Why is Strong Village the most important project you have taken upon yourself?

Omran:This is not just for me. This is for humanity. We are living a life that is corrupted and constantly destroying true human nature, from the very food we eat, activities and much more. Stress with work and other major responsibilities can easily divert people’s attentions—may they be adults or children—from matters of physical well-being. That is why we built the Village, it is for us to escape modern life even if it’s for a few hours, to replace anxiety and stress with self-confidence and positivity. Exercise to stay healthy for the long run while eating organic food instead artificial-flavoured food. The village is the place for you to find that balance in your life that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle tomorrow.