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Through Their Lenses!

admin 16-Aug-2019

Through Their Lenses!

Since the early 19th century, photography has become an ever-increasing medium of personal expression and appreciation for countless people around the world. A photograph captures places, experiences, ideas, a moment in time, to look back at forever after. A picture speaks a thousand words. Photographs can impact you more than words can. It’s a device to make the viewer see the world through your lens, literally.
World Photography Day is celebrated on August 19th, every year. Art and artists have become unbelievably accessible with social media, and visual art particularly so, with Instagram. Here are Weekender’s top picks of incredibly amazing Instagram accounts of photographers to follow, this World Photography Day.

The black and white stylist (@Koci) - If black and white is your thing, Richard Koci Hernandez is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated photojournalist with an Instagram account brimming with vintage-esque pics.


The illusionist (@witchoria) - Victoria Siemer has a special knack at photographing people in the most interesting (and slightly impossible) positions. Her images also conjure up a range of physics and nature-defying scenes for us all to enjoy. 

Capture the music (@bradelterman) -  Brad Elterman is a music photographer - who has been capturing your favourite rockers since the 70s - and now you can view some of his wild behind-the-scene shots on Instagram. Big hair and brilliant photography abound. 

The smart gadget photojournalist (@dguttenfelder) - David Guttenfelder is a National Geographic Society Photographer by day, and an Instagram-snapper by night. His posts are always taken with just his smartphone, which is fairly unbelievable when you take a browse through his feed. This Instagrammer has certainly seen some sights over the years and we love his work. 

Man and Dog (@thiswildidea) - Theron Humphrey is for those of you who are dog-lovers because his best posts are of his cute pooch. Theron snaps some incredible images of his dog in a variety of brilliant backdrops. 

Wandering photographer (@kirstenalana) – If you thought you traveled a lot, take a look at this account. Kirsten is a full-time travel photographer who has snapped images in over 50 countries. She's worked with a variety of brands and it's easy to see why she's popular. 

 Eyecandy (@macenzo) - Dirk Bakker is a graphic designer with a deep passion for patterns and architecture, as evident by his abundant and eye-catching posts. If you're a fan of colorful snaps, satisfying symmetry, and amazing angles, then this is the photographer to follow. 

Aerial imagery (@adamsenatori) - Adam Senatori is a photographer-pilot extraordinaire who specializes in posting breath-taking aerial shots. As camera capable drones become more and more popular the number of drone photographs like this is on the rise, but Adam Senatori has an eye for the incredible. 

Capturing the people (@joepenney) - If you've ever wanted an intimate look at West Africa and the people living in that part of the world, check out Joe Penny's feed, which features his daily life and plenty of portraits to boot.


Dancing moments (@omarzrobles) - Omar Z. Robles is a New York based photographer with a passion for capturing the art of dance and movement in an urban setting. The majority of his photos show dancers in poses or in the middle of incredible acrobatic feats in various locations. They're striking and impressive, both for their subject matter and the result of the image.