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Opera for Gen-Z

admin 16-Nov-2019

Opera for Gen-Z

One of the oldest forms of entertainment in the world is now finding its way to the youngest consumers of pop culture! Breathing new life into opera is a classically trained soprano artist based in Dubai, Luiza Formenius. A graduate from the prestigious Trinity Guildhall London, her mission is to blur the lines between Pop and Opera, with her musical tastes that balance Pavarotti and Boccelli with Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury. Weekender chatted with this young musical genius to know more about the person and idea behind this uncommon fusion.
W.       Gen-Z turning to opera music, much less taking such immense interest in it, is close to unheard of. So where and how did it all begin?
Luiza. I was exposed to classical music and opera from a very young age through my parents who used to take me to concerts and shows and I also studied piano from the age of 4, so I guess my interest in music started from then. When I started taking singing lessons at 12 I had an amazing teacher who made it fun and interesting and developed my love for opera even more and also incorporated other music which interested me such as Musicals and even things like Elvis Presley and Dean Martin.

W. What's your dream venue to perform at?
Luiza. Locally, I would love to be able to perform at the Dubai opera, since I feel that they have done such an amazing job fusing both Classical Artists and shows with contemporary ones.
W. You are no stranger to crossing major milestones, evidently, but what are the next few milestones you have your heart set on?
Luiza. I can’t wait for people to hear the next few songs I’m working on, which are almost ready and will be released shortly and following that I am super excited to perform and tour the region. Also, I am really hoping to be involved in the Expo 2020 somehow. Its such an incredible event and I can't believe we are having it right here in Dubai!

W. Does the Gen-Z in you listen to or enjoy Billie Eilish or K-Pop?

Luiza. Of course! I really enjoy Billie EIlish and I also make sure to listen to as much of the charts as I can. I always find new artists and I think its important, as an artist, to know what kind of music is being released across genres.

 W. When looking at developing a taste for opera music, what is the must-listen-to list you’d recommend?

Luiza. I think if you’re a newcomer to opera music you should start with something easy like “top opera classics” or even other classical fusion artists such as Andrea Bocelli or Il Divo.

Luiza Formenius released her new single ‘Rebel Bird’ last week. While gushing about her shooting her first music video, she tells us that the lyrics of the song, when translated, means ‘love is a rebellious bird that no one can tame’. It speaks about the fact that love is unpredictable, you can’t choose who you love and who loves you, when or how you fall in love, or how long love will last. To Luiza, these are attempts to bring Opera to modern day audiences. Stay tuned to Luiza Formenius for more musical genius and mesmerising blurring of the classic and pop.