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Eat with weekender

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Eat with weekender

Weekender, in collaboration with local food bloggers, will bring you reliable reviews of eateries in Bahrain, and the rest of the middle east.
Shayne Haridas is a food blogger/photographer based in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia with a passion for food. He reviews local eateries from all over Saudi Arabia and on occasion, travels abroad to experience local cuisines. Not to shy away from an experience, it is said there is nothing he won't eat.

 'Foods At Home'
I was in Bahrain recently and was invited to lunch with friends at Foods At Home in Al Maqsha. It took us a while to get past traffic so make sure you use Google Maps to get an idea of the traffic situation. Located in a quiet locality, the restaurant looks wonderful from the outside with outdoor seating areas that would be perfect in good weather. We were seated indoors and the waiter was quick to give us the menu.
One look and I knew this wasn’t going to be cheap, but then again I told myself it might be worth it if the food was good. Our host ordered the mix grill platter for 6 people which was a mash-up of different varieties of grilled meat. The platter had “Kabab Kobeedah Chicken”, “Tikka Mast e Ghost”, “Tikka Mast e Murg”, “Joja Kabab”, “Kabab Kobeedah Lamb” and each one of these was exceptional and appetizing.

I would, however, skip the “Kabab Kobeedah Chicken” for the fact that it was a bit too moist to be a Kebab. The Lamb version was absolutely mouth-wateringly good and I would most definitely visit so I could try it once more.

We also ordered, “Khoresht Bamia” which was a chicken stew made with Okra that I did not particularly enjoy. The “3 color rice” was nice and was basically three different rice dishes served on a single plate (White, Shoved & Zerishk Rice).

The “Hummus” was great too but low on portions and the “Tabbouleh” had too much lime. Overall we were satisfied with the food, but the bill came was eye-watering. I would stick to ordering the grills individually next time.

Tikka Mast e Ghos

Joja Kabab

Kabab Kobeedah Lamb