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Ok, Boomer!

admin 17-Nov-2019

Ok, Boomer!

Ok, Boomer!

It’s a catchphrase and internet meme that has been gaining popularity throughout 2019, predominantly used to mock the tendency of baby boomer generation to dismiss the real-world concerns of the generation after them.

Abigail Disney is blowing up Twitter with her rationalization of the relevance of ‘ok, boomer’. They are now being termed a generation that poisoned the water blew past every climate warning, have looked past injustices of various kinds, have been, and are still, unaccepting of everybody’s right to quality of life. Ironically, the more they protest the context of the term, the more they are proving that the baby boomer generation are still unwilling to address concerns like climate change, inclusivity, the right to choose what you want from life.

While the argument is that this promotes ageism, and all around the world the community heading towards retirement is facing the effects of the economy’s downfall, just as they are about to stop being able to work or find work.

Twitter and TikTok are now being taken over by #okboomer, and all responses to comments on non-traditional by the boomer generation is now met with this incendiary yet non-argumentative comment.

Boomers are the generation born between 1946 and 1964, the generation immediately after World War II. Weekender had done a piece earlier on industries that the millennials are shutting down. We talked about how the baby boomer generation took it upon themselves to bring back normalcy, a sense of stability, and even repopulate the world to make up for the lost lives. They rebuilt or found roots to ground them, they created a strong fabric of society and tradition, all aftermath of having lived through the biggest war the world has waged.

Facing change is not everyone’s cup of tea, and hence moving on to the stage where the quality of life and happiness quotient and the right to choose are paramount is too massive a change for them. Most recently, a 25-year-old politician from New Zealand made the headlines last week for using the phrase when an older lawmaker interrupted her speech on climate change.

 Claims are that this would probably end friendly relations between the generations


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